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The Golden Liquid Ring

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Size Guide

Size Guide

Ring Materials

Materials: titanium steel


Style: Fashionable


If you can not find your size, please leave a note or contact our customer support team before you place any order.

Introducing the beautiful Golden Liquid Ring, a piece of luxurious fashion accessories crafted with precision to make sure you look your absolute best. 

Designed with European and American sensibilities for minimalistic perfection, this flat and open ring is made from titanium steel that is plated with 18k gold for an unmistakable sense of opulence. It's perfect for the modern sophisticate who knows luxury when they see it. 

Looking good and never felt so smooth. The Golden Liquid Ring has a subtle yet vibrant aura that exudes confidence, elegance, and modern sensibility. Perfectly shaped to fit your finger comfortably, this ring gently outlines its unique shapely form enveloping it in luxury. Its exquisite molding also ensures its extremely robust durability, keeping your golden jewel looking finer than ever throughout its lifespan. 

Rock this ritzy metallic masterpiece with whatever outfit you choose; it will complement any style perfectly. Unlock timeless sophistication with the Golden Liquid Ring now!


What material that our products made of?

We at Lovernus have a wide variety of products for you to choose from. We mainly focusing on metal plated fashion accessories.

If any questions arise while browsing through our selection feel free contact us.

What do i do if i ordered the wrong ring size?

In many cases, you can exchange the ring for the correct size. If there is not a similar option available in the size you need, Lovernius can resize the ring according to your specifications.

What ring sizes does Lovernius offer?

lovernius offers a variety of ring sizes to fit the needs and preferences for every customer. We also resize rings so they stay comfortable, no matter what size you need!

How are rings sized?

 The answer is that there are many different types of jewelry, not just rings. And while most people know how to find their ring's diameter measurements using an American system based on quarters and half units (e.g., Size 7 = 1/4" thick), other items may require something else entirely - so make sure you're aware before buying!

Are men’s and women’s ring sizes the same?

Jewelers use the same size chart for men and women. That said, women generally prefer narrower bands because they tend to have smaller fingers.

how long does it take to resize a ring?

Jewelers can increase or decrease the size of your ring by removing metal from either side. If you have a bigger than usual fit, they'll cut away some bottom section so it's not too tight against skin and add more shank underneath before reattaching everything back into place with acid-free glue - this ensures there are no lasting marks on sensitive areas like hands where jewelry has been worn daily for years! You should also keep an eye out when going through resizing options because many times these services come at different price points depending upon how much work needs done.

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